Charitable Giving

Our CEO, Kirsten Henry Fox, explains the importance of charitable giving for Uplift Gift with a story.


“When I was recovering from surgeries and treatments associated with my breast cancer, I was blessed to receive many cards and notes in the mail from friends. One small post card almost got recycled before I read it.


It simply said, ‘A gift in your name has been made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”


I sat back stunned. I felt like warm chocolate was pouring over me as I suddenly had become a part of the solution. I quickly realized that my pain and treatment were  not just about me, but actually about something much bigger, far beyond my singular story.


So when I started this company, a giveback to charities was integral to our success. The gift giver understands the donation; the charities are excited for the extra money we can share; and most importantly, the gift recipient receives a card in the gift box that says: ‘Your gift box is helping to uplift others, as we give 5% of our profits back to charities.’


Perfect for someone going through something awful to help them understand they are part of the effort to find solutions.”


bcrf 300x140Currently, Uplift Gift is giving 5% of profits back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. This organization provides critical funding for cancer research worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S. with an A+ rating from Charity Watch and 4 out of 4 starts from Charity Navigator, with 91 cents of every dollar spent going directly to research.

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