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When a friend or family member loses a pet, their world is forever changed. How do you comfort the heartbroken person left to carry on without their furry friend? Our elegant pet sympathy gifts. Our beautiful box arrives at your friend’s door filled with comforting gifts for loss of a pet. Whether for a dog death, cat death, a horse or other types of pets, our pet loss care packages will give your friend or family member a boost, remind them that they are loved, and deliver a condolence gift that says so much more than words.

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Flame of Friendship$59 – $82

Our Flame of Friendship Gift provides just the right amount of sweetness and ambiance to wrap your friend in love. The gift box offers the following:

  • hand-crafted, organic chocolates
  • a comforting "Chill Pill" travel candle
  • a custom card chosen by you with your message hand-written by us for you inside
  • and, if your loved one likes wine, a bottle of our winderful sommelier-selected red or white.

Warm Snuggles$133 – $156

Our Warm Snuggle Gift Box is there for your friend when her pet crosses the rainbow bridge. The gift box includes the following:

  • hand-crafted, organic chocolates
  • a soft, warm pashmina
  • a selection of organic teas
  • a "Courage" mug
  • a custom card chosen by you with your message hand-written by us for you inside
  • and, optionally, a bottle of tasty white or red, sommelier-selected wine.

Unconditional Love$173 – $196

Our Unconditional Love Care Package offers many comforting elements for your loved one. The package offers the following:

  • hand-crafted, organic chocolates
  • organic essential oils
  • a select of gourmet, organic teas
  • a beautiful journal and pen
  • a "Chill Pill" soy candle
  • a custom card chosen by you with your message hand-written by us for you inside
  • and, optionally, a bottle of our sommelier-selected red or white wine.
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Warm Snuggles $156

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Mountain Town Wine

This gift package includes one bottle of either red or white wine.
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Mountain Town White

Our sommelier CEO has had a career selecting wines to pair with food, friends and life. Mountain towns are known for beauty, clean air and a fresh approach to life. Mountain Town White by Old Town Cellars echoes these characteristics. Offering 100% Willamette Valley Pinot Gris from Washington, this wine is about relaxing, in a refreshing style, that will pair with food and friends everyday.


Mountain Town Red

A comforting glass of red wine can show support for your friends in a way that words can’t. Old Town Cellars Mountain Town Red is our CEO’s favorite when she is looking for a wine that will pair with foods across the spectrum. A blend of 85% Malbec and 15% Tempranillo from Columbia Valley, Washington, this wine is the perfect medium-bodied partner for whoever or whatever walks in the door.

Tandem Chocolates

Enjoy our hand-crafted chocolates made from organic ingredients and decorated uniquely for your friend. She will enjoy a selection of of five French-inspired, creamy gourmet treats: raspberry-orange ganache, Madagascar vanilla, chai spice ganache, salted caramel, and passion fruit ganache in a mix of dark and milk chocolate sculpted shells.

Comforting, Ivory Pashmina Wrap

If you could visit your friend, the first thing you would do is give her a big hug. Our gorgeous wrap is so soft that your friend will feel your love from long-distance, yet at the same time fashionable so she can add it to almost any outfit. Made from 100% acrylic and hand-washable, this can comfort her while she snuggles on her couch or sits in air-conditioned buildings. Wrap her in warmth.

Tea Forte Lotus Collection

Tea Forté is the global, luxury identified around the world as the ultimate tea experience. The Lotus Collection teas offer a moment of reflection, where clarity of mind, body and spirit can be discovered. Our sampler includes: Darjeeling Quince - organic black tea; Mountain Oolong - organic oolong tea; Vanilla Pear - organic white tea; Orange Jasmine - organic green tea; and, Lemon Lavender - organic herbal tea.

Courage Mug

Made of stoneware, our "Courage" mug says everything you want to say to your friend. "Courageous" on the inside lip, and "Courage is Bravery. Courage is heart. It is Strength." Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Handcrafted Card

Click on one of our unique, custom cards and enlarge to view, our cards are designed to say just the right thing when you may not be able to find the words. Your choice is shown on the left. We will hand-write your message on the inside for your friend. (Limit 400 characters.)

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Additional Information
Your friend’s furry child, the love of her life, the wonderful soul that lived with her for years has passed over the rainbow bridge. Your friend’s pet loss is so much harder than it appears on the surface and you feel the need to help her through this tough time. Her furry friend was always there for her – now it’s up to you to help her get through losing her pet, her friend. You can’t do a lot, except to show you are thinking of your friend or family member who needs a gift to uplift her spirits.

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