Apology Gifts


One of the hardest phrases to say is "I apologize," or "I'm sorry for hurting you." Give these words extra power with our uplifting gifts. Our "I'm sorry gifts" and curated, custom care packages are delivered straight to your loved one. The meaningful, individually-wrapped items are chosen to comfort her. Chosen by women, these beautiful items are thoughtful and show more than flowers can. The unique gift box, is a great way to get back into her heart.

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Sweet Shuffle$75

Our Sweet Shuffle provides just the right amount of tasteful sweetness combined with a beautiful lotion to comfort your loved one. The gift offers the following:

  • hand-crafted, organic chocolates
  • soothing organic sipping cocoa
  • comforting "Renew" lotion
  • a custom card chosen by you with your message hand-written by us for you inside

Will You Forgive Me?$140

Our Will You Forgive Me Gift Box is a good first step towards soothing hurt feelings. The gift features the following:

  • hand-crafted, organic chocolates
  • a soft, warm pashmina
  • soothing organic sipping cocoa
  • a "Chill Pill" candle
  • a custom card chosen by you with your message hand-written by us for you inside

Embrace My Love$208

Our Embrace My Love Care Package is just what you need if you've gotten yourself in hot water with a loved one. This package offers the following:

  • hand-crafted, organic chocolates
  • a warm, beautiful pashmina
  • a selection of organic, essential oils
  • soothing organic sipping tea
  • beautiful "Renew" lotion
  • a quiet "Chill Pill" candle
  • a custom card chosen by you with your message hand-written by us for you inside

Will You Forgive Me? $140

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Tandem Chocolates

Enjoy our hand-crafted, chocolate-covered caramels made from organic ingredients and decorated uniquely for your friend. She will enjoy a selection of three, rich, gourmet treats: passion fruit caramel, chai spice caramel, and raspberry caramel in dark chocolate sculpted shells. And she won't have to share with anyone.

Comforting, Ivory Pashmina Wrap

If you could visit your friend, the first thing you would do is give her a big hug. Our gorgeous wrap is so soft that your friend will feel your love from long-distance, yet at the same time fashionable so she can add it to almost any outfit. Made from 100% acrylic and hand-washable, this can comfort her while she snuggles on her couch or sits in air-conditioned buildings. Wrap her in warmth.

Millcreek Sipping Cocoa

We’ve chosen one of the world’s best sipping chocolate to comfort your friend. This velvety cocoa has only four ingredients:

1) pure, organic cane sugar;

2) raw Equadorian cocoa powder;

3) vanilla; and, if that’s not enough,

4) dark chocolate bits that will melt their way into your friend’s heart.

Bella Vie candle - Chill Pill

Our soy wax candle is designed to fill a room with the most comforting of aromas. Essential oils of lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, and vanilla will surround your friend with relaxing smells that go deeply into the body and mind.

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Sassypants Handcrafted Card

Click on one of our unique, custom cards and enlarge to view, our cards are designed to say just the right thing when you may not be able to find the words. Your choice is shown on the left. We will hand-write your message on the inside for your friend. (Limit 400 characters.)

Additional information
How do you say, "I’m sorry for hurting you." Screwing up is a part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to say "I apologize." Apology flowers will die. Thoughtful apology gifts will last forever. How do you apologize after a fight? How do you say sorry to a best friend? Our gifts give your verbal "I’m sorry," a lot more depth, and show more thought than apology flowers. Make it a little easier for you loved one to forgive and forget.

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