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Kirsten Henry Fox, founder and CEO

As a woman, mother and friend, I’ve watched people I care about go thru life’s challenges: divorce, cancer, death of a beloved pet, cross-country moves, house fires, job loss.


I struggled with what to do to ease their pain. How do they feel? What should I say? How could I deliver something to make them feel better?


Getting sick a few years ago, lead me to discover the mistake in my thinking. No one can deliver something that will make the pain disappear. No one can make the fear vanish, or bring unknowns into focus.


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Local contributors to the uplifting gift boxes are from left: Product photography, Deb DeKoff, Park City Photographers; Wines, Stephen MacKay, Old Town Cellars; Essential oils, Lisa Needham, doTerra; Business facilitaor, Kirsten Fox, Uplift Gift; Hand-crafted chocolates, Phyllis Robinson, Tandem Chocolates; Sipping cocoa, Mark Delvecchio, Millcreek Cacao Roasters; Greeting card sayings, Stacy Dymalski, Sassypants Designs.

What we CAN do for each other is to show our love, our friendship. We can stand arm and arm with our friends to face the challenges together. We can’t make the pain or situation go away, but we can be there with compassion.


That is exactly what my friends did for me while I was being treated for stage 2 breast cancer. They sent me things that reminded me of how much I mattered to them. I gained 10 pounds eating the food they cooked for me. I wore their scarves and hats. I read their dog-eared books. I surrounded myself with their tokens as I healed.


Receiving their gifts of love actually made me feel blessed to get cancer. (I also got a new rack, but that’s another story…)


So I started this company, Uplift Gift, to help women support their friends with the most meaningful gestures of love. We provide a resource for all of us who want to show support and comfort, and even motivation and inspiration, for our friends who are facing life challenges.


I set Uplift Gift up to help uplift the giver, the gift recipient and importantly, charities around the U.S. Click here to learn more.


We are located in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah. Our products are carefully curated, always chosen with an eye to uplifting a friend. These beautifully wrapped items will warm and comfort her; you can trust that she will feel your love.


We will handle your friend with the same care that my friends gave to me.

Did you mean to leave so soon?

We know you may not need
something right now… but you
never know when one of your
friends will call crying or

worried about something big.

Let us help you be the friend you want to be.

We promise to keep you updated now and then, with new
products we launch, so it’ll be easy to support your loved ones.