When words aren't enough

We are here to help you uplift your friend in need

After going through breast cancer in 2015, many people reached out asking what they should do for someone who was facing a challenge in life. What had uplifted me? What would be most comforting? Eventually, I saw the need for a company that delivered meaningful gift boxes, filled with beautiful items like my friends sent to me. Real friends… real comfort.
~Kirsten Henry Fox, Founder & CEO, Uplift Gift

Support Your Friend

How can we help you best? We offer gift basket delivery in a variety of ways….

You can select from our curated boxes below. The box offered in each category is filled with comforting items that we hand-pick and wrap to send to your loved one to support her based on what is currently happening in her life. Since these are our chosen bundles of products, you receive a discount buying them in these curated gift boxes.

Or, you can Create-Your-Own gift basket to send with your hand-selected items for your friend.

 Either way, before you fill in shipping and payment, you’ll pick one of our Uplift Gift-branded cards and let us know what message you want us to hand write in your card.

Your gift box will arrive at your friend’s home filled with your words and our luxury items to comfort her.  

words of love

When you're speechless

How to Write a Condolence Card

After a lifetime of writing and receiving condolence notes, I’ve noticed a pattern in them. It comforts me to know that by using this template, I won’t ever add to my friend’s pain at her time of loss…


What do people find most comforting?

What should you say? How often do you check in? What kind of gifts will help most?